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What’s All The Fush Fush About?…

What’s All The Fush Fush About?…

Whats All The Fush Fush About?…

Along with my many other projects that I am working through at the moment, I had a custom order for a special “Fush Fush” Dress, matching panties and petticoat……ok, so some of you may not know about “Fush Fush”, basically it is a rubbery vinyl, it came to be known as “Fush Fush” following a conversation with one of my customers and has proved pretty popular 🙂

The suppliers available colour range is a little more limited than most fabrics I deal with, BUT if you like things a bit rubbery it hits the spot 🙂

“Fush Fush”

This Special Customer Is At The Sissy Manor
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Suzi xx


P.S. UK Customers, you may be aware of new rules for buying and selling between UK/EU and vice versa, at this point I am still awaiting clarity on how that may work with my website, so I would ask if you could please go via my Etsy Shop for any orders, enquiries or custom quotes for now, thank you x



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