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Episode 5: The Nursery

Episode 5: The Nursery

In just a few days, Dominic and his “helpers” managed to create an adult-scale cot, complete with a nursery mobile, decorated the room with a suitable baby-themed wallpaper and created an adult baby changing mat with all necessary accessories.

Madam, of course, oversaw the whole process as she naturally required things “just so” and fully kitted out and ready for their first adult baby guest for the new Chambers.

Word had spread rapidly about the “Nursery” and enquiries had come in at a fast and furious pace. Day visits, weekends and one or two-week stays had been planned into the schedule for the next 6 months.

They had allowed a week gap from completion of the nursery’s set up so that fresh paint and wallpaper paste aromas wouldn’t upset the babies when in residence.

One of Nanny’s (Madam’s) frequent visitor Adult Babies, “Baby Daisy”, was the first to book and will be staying for a week and actually fitted nicely into the calendar for when “Fido” the dog came to Chambers for a long stay in his cage.

Fido and Baby Daisy had been frequent visitors to the previous Chambers and vowed they would never attend any other facility whilst Madam sourced a new location.

All visitors were always given specifics about the location and assurance about privacy and security (Dominic) whilst in the care of Madam and Dominic.

Baby Daisy had a penchant for wearing several diapers at once, “she” would supply these on arrival, but Madam also kept an additional stock of varying sizes for her.

The Chambers had started to get wonderfully busy again in it’s new location.

And so to the next project….The School Room!

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