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Episode 1: In Search Of New Chambers

Episode 1: In Search Of New Chambers

Searching for a new property is never an easy task, location is primary and when you have certain specifics in mind, it can be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Dominic had visited more than 50 possible places, some had the right location, some had the necessary building constraints they required, but none had both.

The search had spanned more than 6 months and it was evident he was weary of it and one morning yet another viewing popped up from a pure text advert in gumtree.

He sneered at the ad, “No pictures…right location, the spec sounds ok…but really? No images?”

Even with his misgivings he decided to meet with the estate agent that afternoon and the property wasn’t a massive journey away.

Arriving at the entrance to the apartment complex, his heart sunk as it looked old and tired, the main entrance door way reminded him of a repo home ready for a total rebore.

He was about to turn on his heels and not bother when the estate agent arrived, big smile, hand held out for the customary greeting. Dominic decided to go along with the viewing as it wouldn’t take long to turn it down.

The estate agent, Steven, began to unlock the front door entrance, “Thanks for coming along for the viewing, Dominic, I understand you have viewed a lot of properties with us?”

“Yes, quite a few, nothing is quite right for what we want….I have to be honest, based on the advert, it having no images…well, I wasn’t really sure if it would be worthwhile for either of us”.

Steven, ushered Dominic in “Aaah…yes….apologies about that, and I appreciate what you’re saying…we had a bit of a glitch with the internet when my assistant was uploading the pictures and Gumtree wont be updating it until tomorrow. Please, let me show you the apartment, I have a feeling you wont think time has been wasted…its on the first floor, just up these stairs…” he motioned with his hand for Dominic to go in front of him.

Climbing the stairway, Dominic glanced back at the entrance area and noted that actually it was in a really good condition, unlike the outer facade of the place.

The estate agent produced a set of keys at the doorway of number 8 apartment…this too looked a clean, tidy and robust door…but then that could be hiding all sorts of tardy rooms…Dominic had pretty much given up before he had even seen inside.

Steven pushed the front door open and as it swung back it opened into a large entrance hallway, from which 5 separate doorways led.

“OK, Dominic, if we go to the right there is a large full sized bathroom, bath, shower, basin and the loo of course.”

Glancing in, Dominic could see this had only recently been installed, brand new bathroom suite, looked good and a window letting in natural light.

“And the next entrance is to the open plan living room and kitchen” he again motioned for Dominic to go through first.

Dominic, strode into the living room area and stopped dead, admiring both the massive room and it decorative state…again quite obviously just decorated. The floor was a wonderful varnished wood, the windows, tall Victorian arched sash windows…three of them, the adjoining kitchen had granite work surfaces with all the built in hardware you would need, plus a window over the sink area that looked out over the rear car parking area.

“Have we started ok so far, Dominic?” Steven was aware of his clients mood, so wanted some reassurance.

“Errm yes, Steven, so far so good…”

As they spoke, he led them back through the hallway opening a door into a deep cupboard, “Great, lets move on to the bedrooms….ah and here on the hallway is a reasonable sized storage room”.

Dominic nodded…useful, he thought, but how small are the bedrooms with such a big living room and kitchen area…

“So, our next door is bedroom number one…more a single bedroom or perhaps a study…”

The room looked fine, again it had its own long Victorian sash window.

“Next, is bedroom number two…and over in the far corner is an ensuite including shower”

Again, a large sized room, the ensuite was a bonus and again a series of those period windows casting daylight and soft shadows from the trees outside.

Dominic was wondering what the fifth door was, perhaps another storage room…

“And next…bedroom number three…” Steven announced opening the final door.

“Bedroom number three? I thought the ad said two bedroomed?”

“Ah, yes, we weren’t sure if people would see the single bedroom as a bedroom, study or storage to be honest…”

And so, they entered the final bedroom….which was so much larger than Dominic had imagined and with a beautiful bay window also looking out over the parking area, a parking area that was private and gated and dressed with fine trees and bushes.

Dominic stood in the middle of the room and slowly rotated, taking in the scale of the room, again with recently completed fresh d├ęcor, wooden floor which clearly ran throughout the whole property and filled with natural light…all fixtures and fittings looked brand new.

“Well, Steven…I have to say, I am a little taken aback…”

“Ah…not quite right?”

“Quite the opposite….I need to walk through it again if you don’t mind”

“Oh…surely, take your time…I have a call to pick up if that’s ok with you?”

“Naturally…cant halt the wheels of business…give me 10 minutes and I will meet you downstairs”

The configuration was exactly right, the location was perfect, in a tree lined avenue not far from amenities and transport routes to and from the city…his mind was already working on what needed to be done to make this place their “Chambers”.

Madam S

PS Keeping watching for the next episode!

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