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Satin ClickPVC Alice Sissy Dress20181019 IMG 4624The “Bow Kay” Sissy Dress in PVC – Ask About Colour Options 8Damn It Jim - Star Trek TOSSissy Frilly Satin Panties with Zip Thru Crotch 1Sweetheart Sissy PVC Maids Dress – Hidden Attractive Qualities..The “Heidi” Sissy Maid PVC Dress – Ask About Colour Choices – Hand Made to Any Size 3Sissy Candy Cupcake PVC Dress With Boned Cincher 4Verity Sissy Maids Dress 1kelly1JUL15-9-1.jpgSissy Frilly Satin Panties with Rear Back Flap 1Hi Alice Even More PLUS PVC Sissy Maids Dress With Full Frilly Apron 2Alice Even More Sissy PVC Maid Dress With Full Apron – Black & White Version – Ask About Colours 1


Suzi R2R
Suzi x

My name is Suzi, Seamstress for over a decade, offering Custom Clothing services online for 6 years, Internationally.

This website, and my Etsy shop, showcase designs I have made for customers, each is hand made from scratch, from individual pattern creation, to sourcing the appropriate fabrics, cutting and sewing each and every one.

My point here is that, I do not hold anything “on stock”, so yes, often it can take 6 or so weeks to complete a project, depending upon the order and its complexity of course, but also it means that YOU have the opportunity to ask for modifications, different colour availability, long sleeves instead of short…..locking functions, if practical….OR if you have a design idea in mind that I havent yet created….you only need ask and we can talk through what it is you dream to own.