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Episode 2: Chambers Acquired

Episode 2: Chambers Acquired

Returning back to the temporary rental accommodation, Dominic and Madam S had taken on during the property search, Dominic entered the living room area where Madam S was deeply engrossed in a book.

She looked up from the book momentarily, a glance at Dominic as if to say: another failed viewing and returned to her book.

“Time to start packing!” looking to see her reaction.

“What?!” she retorted, immediately dropping the book and standing in front of him.

“Yup! I just secured a deal on the mystery property and we can move in as soon as we like whilst the solicitors do their thing…you are going to love it!”

Flinging her arms around him she pushed the cheeky smirk from his face with a kiss.

“Oh, that’s fantastic…tell me more…where? what? how?”

“Basically its a hidden gem, location is in a decent neighbourhood, transport accessible to and from the city, its own private parking, larger than expected rooms all recently renovated….with glorious original Victorian windows that bathe the place in light…it’s a conservation area so we will have to think around how we deal with the winter cold due to the large amount of old glazing….three bedrooms…all great size, one of which has an ensuite…I already have plans for that room…not our room incidentally…”

She looked shocked, “I always like an ensuite….”

“Ah yes, but to be honest our room you’ll love and the main bathroom is only a few steps from it anyways.”

“Ha…so you are already planning the workspace and living space eh? We shall see…” she said smiling and knowing that he would ensure it worked best for all that they needed.

“So, when do I get to see it?”

“Well…I think, we pack up this place this week and we actually move next…”

“Errm…so I wont be seeing it until we move in?” she sounded a little annoyed.

“I want you to have the same experience I did on arrival and it will all make sense.”

Dominic moved to the kitchen and poured them coffee, “Start packing, I will help you shortly but I have a lot of paint, wood and fittings to order so I can start on the refinements as soon as we get there…”

“Gosh…you know I do not like surprises…but I am sure you have your reasons”, Madam S took the cup of coffee from him and started bringing together their belongings, ready for packing, making lists for the boxes they would pack so that everything was perfectly accessible for the move.

“Oh, Dominic, how have you planned the move?”

“Stephanie and Slave have been informed that they should attend here at 0900 on Monday morning, ready to do the heavy lifting and removal”

“Perfect!” she smiled and carried on sorting things, her mind whirling from the idea that they had finally secured their new property that sounded like Dominic had already worked out the living and work spaces they required.

“Just thinking, Dominic…..why are you ordering DIY kind of things if the property is in such a good condition?” she asked quizzically.

“I have projects that will enhance the “workspace”….plus we will need a new four poster for our room to replace the one that got damaged during removal to storage”

“Ah….then I shall leave that with you.”

“And slave will be helping with some of it…”


Madam S

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