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Episode 3: Chambers Evolves

Episode 3: Chambers Evolves

Stephanie and slave had arrived in good time for the move and commenced with the lifting and carrying to the rental van. Dominic, overlooking their toil, ensuring things were loaded in a certain order ready to be unloaded correctly at the new property.

Thankfully a bright but cool morning, Dominic and Madam S could not abide sweaty submissives.

The estate agent had already dropped the keys down to them so, once loaded they set off for their new location.

Dominic directed Stephanie and slave to remain with the vehicle whilst he took Madam S for her first viewing of the property. He could sense she liked the location but her face told a different story at the main entrance door.

“Gosh, Dominic, this looks a tad rundown…..errrm….I am not going to like it am I?” she murmered.

Laughing, he pushed the main door open and guided her into the entrance hall.

Stopping and glancing around her expression changed, “Oh, this is rather nice, clean, tidy and welcoming”.

They went up the stairs to the door of their apartment and again he opened the door letting her go in first so he could see her reaction to the place.

Wandering around the rooms for several minutes, she did not utter a word and he wasn’t quite sure how to gauge that.

Returning back to their entrance area, she looked him straight in the eyes…”OOOooh Dominic…..”, he waited unsure of her next few words.

“It’s PERFECT!!! Well done you!! I love it and can see what you mean about the scope for everything we need both living wise and work wise…thank you so much”.

Dominic sighed an inner sigh of relief, “Great, then let’s get this show on the road and get the two helpers bringing our things in….I am expecting the bed delivery this afternoon and the wood merchant should be dropping of the bits n bobs I wanted within an hour or so…I am sure you noticed, but I already sorted some drink making things and a couple of chairs so we can supervise lol”

It didn’t take Stephanie and slave more than an hour and a half to bring their belongings to the apartment and arrange them in all the correct rooms, as directed. Just as they finished, the wood merchant arrived.

Dominic, went down to greet him and check the order, “Yes, yes, that’s great…we’ll get it unloaded for you…” the merchant looked a little bemused as Stephanie and slave appeared and started handling all of the timbers and various fixtures and fittings.

“We usually do that, Dominic…errm….I am not sure if your people will have been trained correctly..” his voice concerned, probably more about his public liability.

“Don’t you worry………..they have had LOTS of training..” Dominic replied with a rye smile.

Madam S

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