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What An Unusual Persona….

What An Unusual Persona….

What An Unusual Persona…..

Gawd….hows COVID Land in your World?

For me, not a lot of difference to its onset this time last year, I am still able to work as my studio is adjacent to my home, suffering from the Lockdown restrictions on and off….a concern for us all, I know, so I hope your girls n boys are being sensible and staying safe!?

I have been progressing many orders, some running along side each other, but I HAD to show you this custom costume I was commissioned to do by a returning customer….

Persona 5

Based on:

Gaiters/Spats nearly completed and headpiece to do, then off she will go to her eager and wonderfully patient owner xUntil next time…everyone take care!

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Suzi xx


P.S. UK Customers, you may be aware of new rules for buying and selling between UK/EU and vice versa, at this point I am still awaiting clarity on how that may work with my website, so I would ask if you could please go via my Etsy Shop for any orders, enquiries or custom quotes for now, thank you x

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