Sissy Sub Guidance Set

Sissy Sub Guidance Set

Dear Mistresses/Masters/sissys/subs

I have just made a brownie outfit circa 1970. I had a wonderful idea…..if I were still accepting girls for training this would be an ideal item to measure their progress.

sissy dress brownie dress
I could make a plain brownie/guide dress and send the badges unsewn on, then all the Owner has to do is set the tasks that will win the badge.
For i instance there is a badge with a pig on….now that could mean 24hours as a pig in mud play or a trip to a bank for all those pay piggies.
It’s up to you! What fun. Don’t forget the dress can be any colour or material it doesn’t have to be brown!
So if You are the leader of a super sissy pack get them all a dress and have fun badge collecting…I’m sure there will be a prize for the leader of the pack! 
So whether this has sparked The Mistress/Masters, Sissys/Subs and you would like to discuss this further...JUST CLICK THE TALK TO US

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