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The “Sissy Be Silent” Game – For Sissy Dresses and Fun!

“Sissy Be Silent” – The “Sneak Sissy Sneak” Game

I have developed a New Concept, which is now available for inclusion in virtually any dress, panties or bloomers and which can be used in something I have called the “Sneak Sissy Sneak” Game…..


A fun game for all the family, crops and paddles NOT included! But oh so much more fun if they ARE!

  1. Have a Unique “Jane Russell” Concept Customised item of clothing made by…well Me of course at Ready2Role, in pretty satin (sorry PVC is too heavy to make the necessary “crinkle” and “crackle” that comes from these clothes.
  2. The Mistress/Master stands with their back to the sissy at a predifined distance.
  3. The sissy needs to “sneak” towards their Mistress/Master….Carefully….with tiny fairy steps…
  4. Be very, very quiet, so you, sissy, cannot be heard……the aim of the game is to reach your Superior without detection.
  5. If you are heard then you are exposed to PUNISHMENT! It is the gift of the Mistress/Master how many crackles they allow…
  6. Sissy’s Good Luck! Mistress/Master…Have FUN!




Now, of course, you are all VERY excited and want to know how you can obtain your very special “Jane Russell Concept” clothing…..
As I mentioned, you can have just about any of the shown designs, in satin and to include the special “crinkly” materials, or if you have a new idea you may want the special “crinkle” factor in you must contact Me so we can discuss the price…..you have to appreciate there are extra charges involved as the clothing has to be double lined, has added “crinkle” material PLUS of course MY additional time to make it!

Here is an example of one of these “Jane Russell” Concept dresses and bloomers made for a customer recently.