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Hi All!

Well, it appears, even in not so sunny rural Spain, that Spring is creeping in….Huurah!!

And with that, many of you girls and boys are thinking SATIN!

Yes, enquiries about several of my popular designs PLUS those wanting full custom and unique Satin Frillies, are coming in as we all look to the slightly better weather.

Below are a couple of quick snaps of the “Hi Neck Frilly” a very popular request and of course can be modified with lockable functions, long sleeves or short, choices of colours (just ask as most satin colours are obtainable), matching panties, hand crafted petticoats even suspender belts (USA peeps…..read that as garter belts….the things that hold up your stockings 🙂 x )….



OK, look after yourselves and each other….see you next time!

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Suzi xx


P.S. UK Customers, you may be aware of new rules for buying and selling between UK/EU and vice versa, at this point I am still awaiting clarity on how that may work with my website, so I would ask if you could please go via my Etsy Shop for any orders, enquiries or custom quotes for now, thank you x


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