Size Does Not Matter….At Ready2Role

Size Does Not Matter….At Ready2Role

Size Does Not Matter….At Ready2Role

The dress you see is a 165cms (65″) waist 165cms (62″) chest dress.

Now I tell you this not to body shame but to tell you an important message….size does not matter.

We have and do make outfits for all shapes and sizes, there is no reason a girl cant look her best and how she wants to!

You can buy, if you are lucky, pretty dresses from places on the internet but sometimes sizes are wrong and very small.



Some people may think my dresses are on the expensive side,  but I craft them with individuals in mind (each order is individually made including personalised patterns creation along with cutting and sewing each piece).

You can talk to me and you always get an answer in regards to your order or requirements. If I get it wrong, which in honesty is a real rarity (yay!) I do my utmost to make it right.

However, when I get it right (more often than not) what you get is an outfit made for you whatever your dream is and in whatever material I can do.

I love my work and through it have met amazing people with a desire to be different.

So if you have never found an outfit to fit give me a message let me see if I can help.

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