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Introducing Princess Luna Custom Design Plus Accessories

This is my take on Princess Luna, a costume created to a customers requirements and complete with many accessories.

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A Summer Dress For ME! YAY!

I took a little time out to make Myself a summery dress.

So, what do you think?

A style some of you girls would be interested in having made for you?


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Bank Holiday Weekend 10% Discount At Ready2Role


Bank Holiday Weekend 10% Discount At Ready2Role



It is a Bank Holiday Weekend in some countries so I am offering a 10% Discount on any orders placed in the next 48hrs – all you need do is use the Talk 2 Us form to request your order and I will set up a custom discounted payment link for you! 

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May The Fourth Be With You……Starre Draws!

May The 4th Be With You…..Starre Draws

A recent client request for the “Starre” Style Satin Maids Dress and Matching Draws (Panties)

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Size Does Not Matter….At Ready2Role

Size Does Not Matter….At Ready2Role

The dress you see is a 165cms (65″) waist 165cms (62″) chest dress.

Now I tell you this not to body shame but to tell you an important message….size does not matter.

We have and do make outfits for all shapes and sizes, there is no reason a girl cant look her best and how she wants to!

You can buy, if you are lucky, pretty dresses from places on the internet but sometimes sizes are wrong and very small.



Some people may think my dresses are on the expensive side,  but I craft them with individuals in mind (each order is individually made including personalised patterns creation along with cutting and sewing each piece).

You can talk to me and you always get an answer in regards to your order or requirements. If I get it wrong, which in honesty is a real rarity (yay!) I do my utmost to make it right.

However, when I get it right (more often than not) what you get is an outfit made for you whatever your dream is and in whatever material I can do.

I love my work and through it have met amazing people with a desire to be different.

So if you have never found an outfit to fit give me a message let me see if I can help.

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Do It Yourself!!!

An amazing new creation for a customer

Its a “Make Your Own Dress”

Removable sleeves, gives two looks or three if you like one bare arm ha!
This dress also has two skirts one knee length and a hobble ankle length skirt.

Attached at the waist under the peplum via a lovely lockable belt… this space….tonnes of potential and fun for PVC fans 🙂

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Meet “Judy” My Latest Ready2Role Custom Design

Swift Sissy Dress

“Judy” is an ultra frilly, sissy dress, created here in Hot Pink Satin with a cascade of bows and ruffles.

She can, like everything you see on the site, be recreated to any size and of course colour choices and modification of design can be discussed….all you need do is Talk 2 Us”


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Recent Custom Clothing Projects For Ready2Role

alice deluxe satin sissy dress



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Damn It Jim……I’m A …….

Damn It Jim - Star Trek TOS Uniform


Once again the popularity of my hand crafted Star Trek TOS Uniforms shows through with recent orders – plus of course I made my own 🙂


Damn It Jim - Star Trek TOS

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Some Examples of Ready2Role’s Sissy Dresses and Costumes

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Ready2Role Sissy Dress Swift Design

A New Range of Designs, Ready2Role Swift Designs.
For When You Are Looking For More of A Free Size Dress
Still With Quality Hand Crafted Ready2Role Styling
And Ready2Role For Shipping A Little Quicker!
Due to Bespoke/Custom Orders Swift Designs Have A Limited Availability Per Month So Please
Contact Us To Discuss Availability And Options

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Sissy Sub Guidance Set

sissy dress brownie dress
Dear Mistresses/Masters/sissys/subs

I have just made a brownie outfit circa 1970. I had a wonderful idea…..if I were still accepting girls for training this would be an ideal item to measure their progress.

sissy dress brownie dress
I could make a plain brownie/guide dress and send the badges unsewn on, then all the Owner has to do is set the tasks that will win the badge.
For i instance there is a badge with a pig on….now that could mean 24hours as a pig in mud play or a trip to a bank for all those pay piggies.
It’s up to you! What fun. Don’t forget the dress can be any colour or material it doesn’t have to be brown!
So if You are the leader of a super sissy pack get them all a dress and have fun badge collecting…I’m sure there will be a prize for the leader of the pack! 
So whether this has sparked The Mistress/Masters, Sissys/Subs and you would like to discuss this further...JUST CLICK THE TALK TO US