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🎄Wacky Christmas Everyone..🎄

🎄Wacky Christmas Everyone..🎄

It’s been another tough one for us all, but I like to think we are getting through this mess…and I would like to thank all of you that have subscribed, support and have had patience with your orders, which at times have encountered delays due to slow fabric supplier deliveries…..I am guessing this is due to the migration of people online shopping and delivery companies not yet up to the challenge..

Anyways, all the very best to you and yours #STAYSAFE xxx

As always, if you want to discuss clothing/costume projects of ANY kind, just drop me a line, either via the “Talk to Us” form on the website or direct on email: SUZI

Until next time, have a lovely weekend!

Suzi x




Also just to remind you I often create AB Sissy clothing for many girls out there and having been an AB Nanny Myself many years ago, I know what you littles like….so I thought I would give a shout out for my new friends:

@adultbabynursry @adultbabymummyA & @sissygirls &
free Youtube channel www.youtube.com/adultbabynursery and who also have a Patreon with “Mummy Amanda’s Audio” for fantastic audio stories about Sissy’s adult baby regression abdl & hypnosis with weekly content: www.patreon.com/adultbabynursery.

I just wanted to remind you all about how things work with Ready2Role, basically everything you see either on the website or my Etsy shop is a project I have done for someone, I do not hold stock….however each and every one you see can be recreated just for YOU….Fabric colour is rarely an issue and always open to discussion and limited only by what my various suppliers have available.


When an order is placed I require my measurements form to completed as fully as possible (sometimes I will request additional measurements for more elaborate or modified designs). From there I create your individual patterns for your project.

Remember, I have, over the last 10 years, created outfits for people of all sizes, smallest was a 28 inch chest, largest to date is a 68 inch chest.

I generally draw a timeline of around 8 weeks for a single garment to be completed….sometimes people seem surprised at that, but often dont realise, it is just ME and because this is a popular service there is ALWAYS a queue of other customers.

The speed at which fabric suppliers send the relevant materials can vary and impact the rate at which a project is completed, and that nasty little virus thing sometimes effects timescales.

I have said this before, but, I am not running a factory or team of people creating these items, each and every item is hand crafted by me, the only factory part is where they make the fabrics or the packaging (unbranded of course) that I send your purchases in 🙂

Now, if any of you girls n boys want anything recreating or even just have a dream “look” you would like to achieve, do contact me to discuss your needs.

OK, look after yourselves and each other….see you next time!

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Suzi xx


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