Progress of a Bow Peek…..

Bow Peek Sissy Dress

  A little insight into how a dress like the Bow Peek, gradually builds once I have cut 60m of satin, ironed 60m, hand ruffled 60m and then build it onto the dress itself……..

The Ugliest Package We Put Together….


A frequent question I am asked is: “Is it sent in discrete packaging?” Well judge for yourself…items are double bagged at a minimum, the outer is securely taped…some say to securely lol. There are no brands on any of the packaging. If the order requires, due to size or construction, a box is used it … Read moreThe Ugliest Package We Put Together….

Boltie Costume Revealed

Here is Nina Jay wearing her Ready2Role Boltie Costume 🙂   First new photos of 2017 but who am I mean't to be? — Nina Jay (@Nina_Jay_) January 10, 2017

New Year


Sent from BlueMail

New Year new project!

Candy Cupcake Corseted Satin Sissy Dress

wow I can happily say this creation took 2 years to create….started in 2016 and finished today in 2017! This I am confident would be every sissys dream it has such a lot of accessories it would be like the barbie outfits I received when I was a little girl. I would have to wonder … Read moreNew Year new project!

“Trudy” Ready2Role


Panty For More

Satin Panties with cute lace embellishments and personalised embroidery…

Read morePanty For More

Saturday Shenanigans


I am working extra hard to try and completeas many orders before Santa…today my little pooch kenneth came to help. I think he was impressed by the nylon overall and apron with headscarf combo.  Now its time to leave the machines and wait for strictly! Sent from BlueMail

Thoughts From The Thread Shed


Firstly I would like to thank you for stopping by and checking out the Ready2Role Blog, a new addition to my site and one which I hope both entertains and interests you all. I will be adding new posts on a regular basis for you and look forward to your feedback on it. Suzi x

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