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Swift Sissy Dress
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Meet “Judy” My Latest Ready2Role Custom Design

“Judy” is an ultra frilly, sissy dress, created here in Hot Pink Satin with a cascade of bows and ruffles. She can, like everything you see on the site, be recreated to any size and of course colour choices and modification of design can be discussed….all you need do is “Talk 2 Us”  

alice deluxe satin sissy dress
Damn It Jim - Star Trek TOS Uniform
Ready2role Blog

Ready2Role Sissy Dress Swift Design

A New Range of Designs, Ready2Role Swift Designs.For When You Are Looking For More of A Free Size DressStill With Quality Hand Crafted Ready2Role StylingAnd Ready2Role For Shipping A Little Quicker!Due to Bespoke/Custom Orders Swift Designs Have A Limited Availability Per Month So Please Contact Us To Discuss Availability And Options

sissy dress brownie dress
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Sissy Sub Guidance Set

Dear Mistresses/Masters/sissys/subs I have just made a brownie outfit circa 1970. I had a wonderful idea…..if I were still accepting girls for training this would be an ideal item to measure their progress. I could make a plain brownie/guide dress and send the badges unsewn on, then all the Owner has to do is set …

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Traders and Customers BEWARE!!!

I have just been approached by someone on my Etsy account to see if I would partner in business with them in respect of PVC/Leather clothing, they passed Me a link to their site…..I was curious to see what they had to offer…..only to find a featured Maids Outfit product…..MY PRODUCT…..MY IMAGES!!!! I of course …

Bow Peek Sissy Dress
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The Ugliest Package We Put Together….

A frequent question I am asked is: “Is it sent in discrete packaging?” Well judge for yourself…items are double bagged at a minimum, the outer is securely taped…some say to securely lol. There are no brands on any of the packaging. If the order requires, due to size or construction, a box is used it …

Candy Cupcake Corseted Satin Sissy Dress
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New Year new project!

wow I can happily say this creation took 2 years to create….started in 2016 and finished today in 2017! This I am confident would be every sissys dream it has such a lot of accessories it would be like the barbie outfits I received when I was a little girl. I would have to wonder …

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